Pause conveyor when workpiece is on working window

haryprabs Indonesia
Dear All,

I have a station with conveyor tracking and attached workpiece on conveyor. The workpiece will have several paths on it. 
When the path enters the working window, i want the conveyor to stop and let the robot execute the path. After finish, the conveyor will move again until it finds another path and so on.

Please let me know how to achieve it, especially how to pause and move again the conveyor. 
The sample that i have seen so far always have the workpiece move while in the working window.



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    Rookie Netherlands ✭✭

    At the moment that the workobject is connected, just before the robot is start moving, you can stop the conveyor with a output or so. The wobj is still connected then. When the robot is ready, just drop the workobject, and start the converyor. This should go..

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