Virtual Reality in RobotStudio

Hello guys, this is Jerry from ABB Taiwan

How are you?

The topic for VR is hot in Taiwan now, and I noticed that Oculus Rift could be integrated into RS in simply way.

And we want to make a demo cell in local event.

Now I have several questions, could you kindly help me on that?

[Q1] If we get a Oculus Rift, do I need anything else(addtional add-in or RS SDK for example) to do similiar demo likes this?

[Q2] What 3D engine was used in RS? Why Rift could be used directly?

I only know that HTC Vivi and Oculus Rift support "Unity3D" engine.

[Q3] We want to use HTC ViVi to replace Rift since we could get it easily(from Taiwan), what would we need?

[Q4] Could we "walk" instead of using joystick in HTC ViVi? It's cool.

[Q5] Could we "interact" in VR? For example we could touch a virtual button and let it control action on real robot via any communication(RS232, socket, etc.) 

Hope that we could make something cool, and we will update if we have further progress.

Thank you in advanced!



  • JerryChenJerryChen TW ABB
    I had contacted the engineer for HTC Vivi, and they said that they could provide "Unity3D" solution only.
    But I wonder why Rift+RobotStudio could work without Unity3D? Is there any  software "interface" between them?
  • wirebrandwirebrand Sweden
    Hi, any progress here? I've implemented some robotics demonstration in Unity for HTC Vive. 
  • wverwimpwverwimp Belgium
    Is Robotstudio Unity3D based? I'm testing with mixed reality and had externalcamera.cfg added with robotstudio.exe.vYou can't find more info and examples in With other unity3D based software you get a four quadrant views (foreground, background, alpha,...) This is when you have a third vive controller enabled. But this 4 quadrant view isn't activate in Robotstudio. Is there a possibility that a 4 quadrant view should be shown in robotstudio. It should be a great way to show off the possibilities of VR for a big crowd. Ideal for a college or giving an example with 1 HTC. i 've managed mixed reality with other software, but we need it for robotstudio. 

    Thanks in advance
    Wim Verwimp
  • Johannes WeimanJohannes Weiman ABB Sweden admin
    Hi Wim,
    RobotStudio uses a custom 3D engine and is not based on Unity.
    We have however done a mixed reality video for demonstration purposes. I'll see if I can provide more information.

    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics
  • game4automationgame4automation germany
    We are using OPCUA to  connect with ABB RobotStudio from Unity. OPCUA is included in Game4Automation Professonal (

    Here is an example video: 
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