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IRC5/LabVIEW communication

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I am trying to do some communication with the IRC5 Compact controller and LabView. We need the Controller to be the Client, and the LabView computer to be the Server. We would like to use Sockets and TCP/IP to do this communication. This is essentially the program flow we need:
1. Robot/Controller is TCP Client, LabVIEW is TCP Server
2. Robot/Controller connects to LabView and waits for a TCP message with a timeout period of 200ms
3. Upon reaching the timeout period with no received message from LabView, the Robot/Controller updates status over TCP to LabView every 200 ms
4. Robot/Controller handles these messages from LabView:
          a) New Position Message
          b) Move to New Position Message

Can anyone provide me with information or some RAPID examples (preferred) on how to tackle this? I have read stuff on the Sockets in the manuals, but I am having a lot of syntax errors trying to get it to work (the Examples in the manuals aren't very intuitive for inexperienced programmers). I am using RS 6.01, an IRB 120, and the IRC5 Compact with a PC interface, and have been using Ethernet to the service port to transfer RAPID code.

Thanks in advance for any help!