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IRC5 compact controller not for industrial environment ?

Hello to all, we have two robots IRB 140 with compact controller installed in coffee factory. We are having issues with contactors, safety boards, all kinds of strange malfunctioning. Is it possible that these controllers are not designed for dusty environment with coffee dust in the air. Right now we have "motor on contactor failed" error, we replaced safety board and contactors, but error is still present. First it was happening from time to time when jogging robot manually, motors would power up after 4-5 tries with dead man handle but now error is constant. Thanks in advance.


  • graemepaulin

    The compact controllers cooling air goes over/through all the internal components (in the full sized controller the cooling air only goes over the heat sinks) - so yes you have to carefully consider the environment it is running in.

    We had a similar issue with a compact controller (all the circuit boards started to break down)- in the end we replaced the compact controller with an IRC5 single cabinet  controller.

  • pacijent
    Thanks for your input Graeme. We had to replace safety boards and contactors for now.