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We just installed a new pedestal to our robot. How can I tell the robot it is "..." inches in the air and mounted at a "..." degree angle? I was looking in the Robot parameters in the Motion Topic, but I am not really sure what I need to change in order for the new targets to be considered in reach (essentially telling the robot it's no longer on the table and in a space in air at a given mounting angle)? Like I tried changing the "Base Frame z" and changed the Gravity Beta, but the angle didn't change, just the height of the robot.

Thanks for any help,
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  • medinadan
    Hi Stephen,

    you should modify the Base Frame q1 to q4.
    you have to do the conversion from degrees.

    best regards,
     Daniel M.
  • SteveMob

    What do I need to set the Q1-Q4 to?

  • PerSvensson
    PerSvensson ✭✭✭
    I would recommend that you get all your target into RobotStudio and then reposition the robot in RS and select that you want to keep the positions. After that you can syncronize your stuff to the real robot. Usally when you are working with a single robot you define all the target in relation to a workobject so if you move the workpice or robot you just update the workobject again. Modifying the baseframe is not the normal way if you are working with a single robot system but of course it will solve the issue as well but not prefered.
    Per Svensson
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  • SteveMob
    Ok I'll try it thank you!