How to do fine calibration in ABB IBR 140 robot

Hi everyone,

The batteries of IRB 140 was discharged, so all of rev counters are lost suddenly.
That's why in order to update rev counters, we jog the robot to line up the calibration marks on each axis.
But the result is abnormal and robot' positions are wrong.

I don't know why the robot position is wrong. Could you inform me the detailed procedure for calibration ?

And then probably we need to do 'fine calibration', could you inform me how to do fine calibratiion?




  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭

    Attached is the page from the manual showing the sync position to check you are using the correct position.

    The manual points out that if the update seems to be wrong it could be axis 4 or 6 are 1 revolution out. Try rotating the axis 1 revolution update the counter - check - if need go the other direction.

    Note if you have a tool on the robot this should help avoid the above issue as the cables running to the tool normally prevent you being one whole revolution out.

    Does the robot jog linear correctly - should be straight lines? If it does the update is probably correct and a previous update has been done incorrectly (which is why your positions are out now)?

    Are the calibration offsets correct (from the label on the robot)?

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