Tool inertial properties

Boteon Treviso
I'm a newbie abb user.
I need to find the inertial properties of my tool attached to the robot's wrist. I defined my tool inside the BASE system module (have i made a mistake?) and I only know his TCP (which is 200 mm in z direction):

PER tooldata abstool := [TRUE, [[0,0,200],[1,0,0,0]],[0.001,[0,0,0.001],[1,0,0,0],0,0,0]];

and, in my motion task, i created a trap (i want to calibrate the tool when i press a button):

TRAP InerTool
   ! Load modules
   LoadId TOOL_LOAD_ID, MASS_WITH_AX3, abstool;

However, when i execute the instruction, the robot do not move and i get this message on the FlexPendant:

"Not valid identification position

Change the position for the robot."

Can anyone help me?
Sorry for my bad english!!
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