Next problem with conveyor.

I figured some stuff on my own, but got some problem with conveyors. I got two of them in my program both starts at the early beginning and i would like one of them start after i finish other tasks. Don't know how to delay it or make any kind of signal it could see. Appreciate any help here.
PS. i can't remove threads i created earlier so if any moderator could delete them i would be grateful.


  • OskarHenriksson
    OskarHenriksson Cyberspace mod
    I guess that the best way to do this is by the use of smart components.
    I've created a really simple smart component function which conveys a cylinder if newCylinder signal goes high.
    Though note that you have to add a source object.
    Is that something you can build your logic upon?
    See attached file.


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