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Not backing up all functions


I have made a backup of the robot.
I get all the moduls in .mod file. But when i open the file I missing the routines thats in the moduls.
There is just som declarations in the .mod file. 
If i look in the flexpendent i can se them. but not in the backup. 
I want to load/restore a backup but im afraid if i do so the system will not work because the .mod file not contain the routines that are suppose to be running.
One modul is backup correct but rest is just a declaration file.

Im doing something wrong here. Do i need to make a backup of every moduls by it self(seems strange)? Any suggestions?


  • ehel
    I did find a solution. But I have some questions.
    The solution was to go to Program Editor-> modules and then Save As every module individual. 

    Now my question, whats the difference between making a backup via ABB->Backup and Program Editor->Save As method.

    Is the ABB->Backup just a backup of the current state and not the program it self?
  • John_Verheij
    The "Save As" method will only save the current module. When creating a backup, a backup of the whole system will be made (including the modules). 
    These modules can be found in the directory "Rapid", in which for every task a directory is created. 

    So if I understand it correctly; with the "Save As" method your modules are correctly saved, but within a backup they are corrupted?