Tool changer smart component issue

jsphjsph Nottingham, England
I am trying to make a tool changer that will attach and detach from any tool that it is close to.

I have made a smart component that will attach and detach from a specified (not sensed) tool, which works fine. See the Pack-and-Go file here

I have also made a smart component that will attach to any sensed part (not tool), which also works fine. See this Pack-and-Go file  

The problem arises when I try to sense the tool with which to connect. I think this is because it senses the body within the tool, rather than the tool itself. The attacher doesn't seem to execute, and the child component it receives from the sensor is the body within the tool. Try it in the second Pack-and-Go file, above.

Is there any way to do this with the sensor? I think I could do it with multiple attachers, each with their child components specified for individual tools but it seems like a workaround.



  • jsphjsph Nottingham, England
    The component "Get Parent" can be used to identify the tool that contains the sensed part, so the tool changer seems to work now. I've attached all three stations in a .zip file in case they are useful to anyone (I'll remove the dropbox links above).

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