ArcL/off Stays on to long


Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is well. So, I am welding the tip of a dow pin and making a very nice weld all the way around from ArcL/Start through my 2 ArcC's. When I get to the ArcL/off at the end of the weld I am having trouble with the Arc staying on and in one place for to long creating a rather large puddle which is causing my weld width to go out of Spec.

I have tried to match point for point from start to off, as well as a few other manual adjustments. I think I might need to change the seemdata for at least that one ending move for each ending move but I want to make sure that is what I should do and maybe get some advice on how to do it.

Using an S4c+ Controller on an ABB 1400.

Thank you and God Bless,