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SOLUTION: Failed to install virtual controller RS6

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Greetings RobotStudio Masters

This is a solution to the following error: Failed to install the virtual controller.
Several other related errors related to RoibotWare and Installation Manager can be solved by the same solution.

Refresh RobotWare:
  1. Open RobotStudio -> Add-ins tab -> uninstall RW 6.XX

  2.  In windows explorer: Go to %localappdata%\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\RobotWare, move all the content related with 6.XX out of the folder.
    For example move the content 1 step up to %localappdata%\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\, renaming the folders is not enough.
    You can delete the contents if you don't have anything that you want to save/backup.
    The folders  are named ....._6.XX.XXXX..  it's usually 4-8 of them.

  3. Go to %PROGRAMDATA%\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\DistributionPackages
    delete all content related to RW 6.XX

  4. Reinstall the RW 6.XX from RS Add-ins tab.

  5. In installation manager, try to create a new system.

EDIT: Make sure your RobotWare version is lower or equal to your RobotStudio version, if not please upgrade your RobotStudio version.

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