different work objects step back error

Hi all. This is my problem. I am moving from one target to another target with different work object. Everything is working fine except stepping back between different work objects. I am getting this error: Error 40611 Not allowed to step backwards with this move instruction. Consequences: step backwards to a position defined with another tool or work object could result in faulthy path.

Instructions look like this:

	MoveJ bracket51, v300, z50, zvarackarstudio\WObj:=wobj0;<br>	MoveL bracket31, v100, z50, zvarackarstudio\WObj:=Workobject_2;
Is it possible to step backwards from 31 to 51 or am I doing anything wrong? Thank you for your help


  • D_toto13

    It's not about stepping backwards between 2 wobj, it's about the fact that you're trying to move from a MoveJ to a MoveL instruction (backwards)...
    In order to solve this you have a couple of options:
    1. either you change to MoveJ your next target (31) when you step backwards 
    2. when you reach your 51 position in the program, switch window under "Jogging", change Wobj from "wobj0" to "Workbject_2" and modify the position with the new values (your robot target values will change upon new Wobj chosen).
    I would say that first would be a faster fix, but feel free to try them both ... see if any would be helpful.

    Hopefully will solve your problem :)  

    Let us know what worked best for you (or if it worked at all  ;) )