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Robot Configuration Error Handler


I am sending the robot arbitrary target data via Sockets and TCP/IP. I am wanting to validate 2000+ targets quickly. Basically, I send it the target data, and it runs through a quick check to check if the target is a valid target or not (checks target out of reach, joint limitations, etc.). The robot then sends back a message saying that the target is valid. I can do this quite quickly, however, since the target data is arbitrary, I have no way to know of the axes configuration is valid or not. Does anyone know if there is an Axis Configuration error handler or some way that I can check if the configuration data is valid or not, before I try to move to that target?

Thanks for any help,


  • Would really love to know too!
  • On top of that, I'd love to have a way to "bruteforce" the cfg values to find a suitable one automatically. It may be dangerous in actual operation but this should at least be available in simulation, without having to use the GUI. I want it done on the fly independently in RAPID code.

    As far as I know there is no errno for configuration errors. Shouldn't be that hard to implement it from ABB's side?
  • Samatsimt,

    I think a way to find a suitable config is to use like Confj\Off or On. From what I understand, this will turn configuration monitoring off, which I think will let the robot choose the best configuration. The problem with that I have found is, that the robot will choose some weird configurations, that in my mind are not the best.

    But what I am trying to do is get the robot to check the given config data and let the user know if it's a valid configuration or not, before it tries to move to that target... I'm not sure how to do that without an errno...

    Anyone have any suggestions?