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Virtual Commissioning: Virtual IRC5 with Virtual CP661 Panel


Hello everyone,

We are trying to adquire data from a Virtual IRC5 robot Controller with the following optionals:

642-2 Pickmaster 5

616-1 PC Interface

841-1 EthernetIP Adapter

We are trying to connect an CP600 panel with an ABB IRC5 controller, as explained in the “Application Note: CP600: Connecting to an ABB, IRC5 controller” document, downloaded from Internet.

We had followed all the steps described in the document, but doint i ton virtual devices, that is, virtual IRC5 with virtual CP600 Panel.

Inside the same Desktop PC, I’ve created the IRC5 Virtual Controller with RobotStudio. Also, I have a virtual HMI model CP661, simulated with Panel Builder 600 from Automation Builder software.


IRC5 Address:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Gateway: None


CP661 Panel “HMI” Address:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Gateway: (ALSO tried with nothing, and


CP661 HMI copies the addresses from my main Ethernet interface of device. To ensure this, I’ve checked it both from the boot menu when I’m launching the virtual hmi and in Network Settings:


Later in that window, says “Server running in operating mode…”

I’ve tried with manu settings in order to stablish handshake between the virtual IRC5 controller, and the virtual HMI CP 661 Panel, but without results, I cannot gather/see the PickMaster 5 output/tags into my virtual HMI, as you can see:

-On one side

My Palletizing cell in RobotStudio running, with Palletizing PowerPac’s IOPanel which shows all the DI-DO-GI-GO:

On the other side:

My simulated HMI panel, which shows its internal data (IP, subnet, Gateway, etc) but it doesnt show PickMaster data while the simmulation is running and updating its outputs

Also “Protocol Status” shows 1 –that means the protocols are loaded without error-. My only protocol is IRC5 protocol (CP6xx paneles can communicate directly to IRC5 controllers, says in the brochure).

In the simulation por example, pmOutfeeder1_goProductCount shows 6, and HMI shows 0… no handshake :neutral:

In my Panel Builder Project, I’ve enabled the IRC5 protocol, pointing to IP address.

We have also tried to interface some variables usign IRC5 cross connection signals, as explains the document, with no results.

An alternative would be to enable an OPC server… although somewhat functional, it is not the optimal.

This is a serious problem to us. Anyone who has commissioned palletizing projects, knows that a previous virtual signals commisioning is very important to safeguard the Project deadlines - on SAT testing por example – we want to use ABB panels but this issue doesn’t help us.


Bottom Line,

My questions are:

1.-Does anyone has succesfully communicated an virtual IRC5 robot controller with a virtual CP661 HMI?

2.- Does my addresses are OK? Is there something missing?

3.- [Less desirable but functional] Which alternatives would exist? i.e. sockets, opc, etc

4.- How do I need to map the signals? Now I’ve mapped the Pickmaster 5 signals into an non-simulated Ethernet device (NOT the internal device) since I have 841-1 EthernetIP Adapter

Because we want to use Ethernet fields (not Devicenet bus, used by default).

5.-With what ABB department can I effectively ask for technical support? Related to Automation builder + RobotStudio virtual commissioning.



I know this innitial discussion is very extensive, sorry about that. Any insight will be very appreciated :smile:

Best regards,

Pablo Liberona

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  • RavinderA
    Options is service port IP Address.
    I doubt that virtual controller supports with CPXXX

  • svoldgaard
    I got it working with local host.
  • pacijent
    Hello, can you please share your setup, so HMI had address and one of IRC5 ethernet ports had what kind of setup? Thanks.