Question about ReadMotor

I am attempting to utilize the ReadMotor function to determine initial motion during my homing routine. However, the value I receive from the ReadMotor command doesn't seem to line up with the actual motor angle in degrees OR radians.

Attempting to read value of Axis1 on a single robot system with no external axes...
[code]MotorAngle_1 := ReadMotor(1);
MotorAngle_1 value is returning as -155.803, but the Axis 1 position is 90.0 degrees.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong


  • Hello
    Use CJointT instead as below.

        PERS jointtarget joints;    PERS num joint3;

        joints:=CJointT();    joint3:=joints.robax.rax_3;

  • Hello
    Use CJointT instead as below.

        PERS jointtarget joints;
        PERS num joint3;


    I will try this out tomorrow. Thank you!
  • Pavel Riabichev, that worked perfectly! Thank you.