RS6.03 ERROR using search function



I have upgraded to RS6.03 two days ago and now I am using it the first time.

I often use the search function (ctrl+F) to find all lines where e.g. variables or I/Os are used. Now with RS6.03 searching the whole system (all tasks) end always with

RobotStudio: C0040403 : No response from controller. Timeout Url:/RAPID  Cmd:Get  Prop:Childs  Args:-mark 0 -noelts -1 -cc 0 

I've never had this problem with RS5.61 or RS6.01.

Any ideas how to fix this or shall I wait for a new update on RS?? In the meantime I'll use RS6.01.


  • daguilar

    Try to reinstall the whole software... I'm using with no problems in 6.03.02

    Un saludokind regards,

    Daniel Aguilar

    Automation Engineering