Escape Path without PathRec

I am trying to set up a homing routine which must be able to extract the robot/tooling from inside of another machine. Tolerances and distances are very tight. I wanted to utilize PathRec/PathRecMove in a trap routine to prevent a collision, but do not have the Path Recovery software option (611-1). I am currently utilizing a very crude test case with CTJoint values to determine the escape path, but it is not precise enough to safely extract the robot tooling from the other machine.

Is there another method that can be used, without purchasing the Path Recovery option?


  • I just had the idea to set a series of bits as I move the robot inside the other machine, then use a TEST or series of IF/ELSEIF to make specific motions based on the active bits. I'm certain I could make it work, but it will be very cumbersome and not very serviceable if changes ever need to be made.