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Unpacking rawbytes to string

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The subject sort of changed on my last thread (, so I thought I would just move it to this new thread.
I am sending the robot arbitrary robtarget data from LabVIEW via sockets and TCP/IP. I am trying to create a method to check if the target data has any non-numeric characters in it. Best method so far was to convert robtarget to string and parse out bad characters and then convert back to robtarget. The problem with this is, if I unpack everything into robtarget data type, the bad characters turns to a "0" all the other characters after it, into a "0". So I have to unpack the rawbytes into a string before going to robtarget data.
How can I unpack data being sent to the robot (sent in robtarget format) into a string, or multiple strings (pos string, quaternion string, config string)?

Thanks for any help!