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Flexpendant hide several values of seamdatas, weldatas and weavedatas.



We have changed welding machines welding station multimove (2x IRB4400 + IRBP 750K). We used two integrated AristoMig and now we have two Fronius TransPulsSynergic 4000.
I created a new system with new Fronius option. RobotWare version is the same. The FlexPendant is also the same, but with this new system, data related to welding (seamdata, weldata and weavedata), some of these values do not appear to edit them on the FlexPendant.

However, connecting a PC with RS directly to the controller, the data values are all full. Operation and welding of Fronius is correct. They work in "Job with correction" mode, and really perform corrections other than one "job" (schedules) for different welding seams.
Yesterday began manufacturing the welding station with the new machines Fronius.

I wonder what could be the problem causing the lack of some values of the types of data related to welding (seamdata, weldata and weavedata).

Thank you for your help.