DataChanged events

RussDRussD United States

Are there any plans to expand the RapidDomain with DataTypeChanged events?

It would be very useful to be able to subscribe to variables as needed and/or get changed events by RAPID type.

Am I missing something, i.e. is  there a mechanism in place to do this?

Russell Drown


  • Hi Russ,

    no, you are not missing something, it is not available, but has been added to the requirement specification (change event for persistent variables; as far as I know for datatypes string, bool and num).

    A workaround would be subscribing to signal change events (virtual signals should work, too).



  • UrbanUrban Sweden

    Hi Russ,

    in RAB 5.06 you can add event handlers for persistent Rapid data changed events.

    Urban Vikblom
  • RussDRussD United States

    Hi Urban,

    Is there a 5.06 RAB beta build that can be downloaded yet?

    Russell Drown
  • UrbanUrban Sweden


    the release version should be ready next week or so. Since I'm outside ABB I cannot download any version, but the current FlexPendant SDK beta is very stable.

    Urban Vikblom
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