How to calculate the biggest possible area in a plane that a robot can reach using RAPID?

polluxpollux Netherlands
Dear reader,

I'm working on an application where (in short) I want to use a robot (IRB 140) to paint on a plane that I define. While testing with RAPID where I move the `tcp` in a square for a fixed X-value (world coordinate), I was able to detect the reach by simply changing the y and z values in my code. The code that I used to move the `tcp` around looks something like this:

   TASK PERS wobjdata myWobj:=[FALSE,TRUE,"",[[400,0,400],[1,0,0,0]],[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]]];
        MoveL Offs(myRobtarget,0, -680, -300),vmax,z0,tool0, \WObj:=myWobj;
        MoveL Offs(myRobtarget,0, 680, -300),vmax,z0,tool0, \WObj:=myWobj;
        MoveL Offs(myRobtarget,0, 680, 220),vmax,z0,tool0, \WObj:=myWobj;
        MoveL Offs(myRobtarget,0, -680, 220),vmax,z0,tool0, \WObj:=myWobj;

The area I found is quite ok but my approach feels like a poor mans job. By changing the X value of my `myRobTarget` highly influences the size of the area/plane that I can move into. Using the values above gives me good results but does anyone a better solution to find the best coordinates? 



  • sturnersturner United Kingdom ✭✭
    edited November 2014
    Have you considered using 'reachability' with robotstudio to identify targets that can and cannot be reached.

    In the paths and target browser... Either right click a path or individual targets

  • polluxpollux Netherlands
    Hi Sturner,

    Thanks for your reply. I haven't considered `reachability` yet. I'm very new to RobotStudio/RAPID and not sure what features are available. I've skimmed through most manuals though but didn't find anything which seems to allow me to get the max reachable area along some axis.  I don't think I can use the `reachability` feature in RobotStudio as the points I want to use are received over TCP and not known in front. 

  • sturnersturner United Kingdom ✭✭
    The points will indeed have to be in the station in order to use reachability...

    FYI. creating a path similar to the Angle wings would be very easy and quick in robotstudio if you have a cad model I.E. a solid / surface or spline.
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