How to communicate with Virtual Controller through localhost

jackyliang Berkeley, CA
Is there a way to communicate with a running virtual controller in RobotStudio through localhost? I'm looking for ways to send commands over "ethernet" to a localhost port to a robot in simulation. 

More specifically, I'm trying to use this python script to setup the connection. I've tried setting the ip to 'localhost' and '', and have also tried setting the ports to every single port that's being listened on by the process RobVC.exe, but with no luck. The errors I'm getting are either one of the following:
  • No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
  • An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
I'm on Windows 10 and using RobotStudio 6.03. The virtual robot I'm trying to connect to is the 



  • John_Verheij
    John_Verheij Netherlands ✭✭
    The first error occur when one side is trying to make a connection, but no one accepts the connection...
    The second error occur when a connection is made, but one side closes the connection (while the connection is still in use)...

    Furthermore it depends on if you are using Python3x or Python2x. For example the type 'string' is not the same....

    I created an example with python 3.4.4 and RobotStudio 6.03
    import socket
    sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
    sock.connect(('', 55555))
    sock.send(bytes("Hoi", 'UTF-8'))
    # Wait till user press 'Enter' to exit
    input("Press Enter to continue...")
    MODULE Module1
        PROC main()
            VAR socketdev server_socket;
            VAR socketdev client_socket;
            VAR string receive_string;
            VAR string client_ip;
            SocketCreate server_socket;
            SocketBind server_socket, "", 55555;
            SocketListen server_socket;
            ! Waiting for a connection request
            WHILE TRUE DO
                SocketAccept server_socket, client_socket\ClientAddress:=client_ip\Time:=WAIT_MAX;
                SocketReceive client_socket \Str := receive_string;
                SocketSend client_socket \Str := "Hello client with ip-addres " +client_ip;
                SocketClose client_socket;
            SocketClose server_socket;
            SocketClose client_socket;
    This will give me the following output:
    Hello client with ip-addres
    Press Enter to continue...
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