Guide: How to Set Up I/O on an ABB Robot with an IRC5 Controller

Zero_PDZero_PD San Francisco, CA
Hi guys - thanks for helping me get digital I/O working on my IRC5 controller with the DSQC 652 I/O module. After asking many questions, I finally got it working yesterday. As I looked for answers and searched through old forum posts, collecting clues to the process here and there, I found the question of how to get I/O working on the IRC5 was nothing new. So I decided to document the process in a guide that will hopefully make it easier on the next roboticist who needs to get this working. I've attached the guide to this post. It's far from fully comprehensive but should definitely help speed the process.

Happy to make some (light) revisions so comments are welcome, and though I poke fun in the guide, thanks to Henrik for the youtube video that got me started.


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