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Positioner work objects problem

Hello, I'm trying to simulate in RobotStudio station with two robots and IRBP B positioner. Robots and positioner are in separate tasks, The first robot follows the path on STN1's plate, but when the Interch unit rotate about 180 degrees to second robot that instead of following the path is showing an position outside reach error. It looks like work objetc not changing ist own position while rotating Interch. I have checked frame bases and all seems to be ok. The system was created from layout.

This is how I defined wobj in Rapid:

TASK PERS wobjdata STN1_Wobj_ROB1:=[FALSE,FALSE,"STN1",[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]],[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]]];
TASK PERS wobjdata STN2_Wobj_ROB1:=[FALSE,FALSE,"STN2",[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]],[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]]]; 

TASK PERS wobjdata STN1_Wobj_ROB2:=[FALSE,FALSE,"STN1",[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]],[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]]];
TASK PERS wobjdata STN2_Wobj_ROB2:=[FALSE,FALSE,"STN2",[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]],[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]]]; 

Maybe someone knows the solution or can help me, I would be grateful.


  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    Are you using any coordinated motion?  Or does the Interch merely bring the next workpiece into the cell?  Or, does the turntable reposition at times but still not coordinated with robot?  In these cases, you might be able to make the second component of the Workobject TRUE.
    Lee Justice