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Measurment Tool Improvement

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 It would be great it the visualisation of the measurement tool could be updated. I.e. like the solid works solution:

OK, I am not able to post a screen shot here. :/  

Please explain, how to upload a pic, then I can add a screen shot of what I am talking about.


  • Like this:

    Anyway, I guess you mean the measurement end points are "attached" and updated when an object is moved? Sounds like a very good idea.

    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics
  • Thank you Johannes, but this button does not work.

    I can choose a pic, but it does not insert it into the comment!? This drop-down menu keeps visible after opening a pic, and I'm missing something like an "OK" button.

    About the subjekt:

    No I'm not talking about moving an object (though this is a good idea also). I'm talking about a better visualisation of the three x,y,z vectors of a measurment result.

    Something like this:

  • I found that the image insert does not work in windows internet explorer - OK in Chrome.
  • OK,

    I'm not allowed to install other browsers than IE.

    So it would be nice if this could be fixed.