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jf___jf___ Netherlands

I've been making progress exploring the Robot Web Service API. In 6.07 RW update, infostream's were added.
I'm able to define an EIO stream but can't subscribe to it. Once the resource is defined, I'm trying to subscribe to the resource, I'm receiving a "RW-Subscription service is down." message.
Something pretty unclear is whether the created resource ( for example: /rw/infostream/eio/{streamid} ) is a group or defines a stream for a single signal?
Finally, the documentation could do a better job of how infostream is distinct from IO service. Is it fair to assume that the websockets sends data the moment an event occurs, while infostream send data every nth msecs?


  • jf___jf___ Netherlands
    > RW-Subscription service is down

    The `internal` log reads: "rws_subscrsrv_workerts.cpp 61 Error insert object into map"

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