Differences between "Externally Guided Motion" and "Robot Reference Interface".

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I have a couple of questions regarding the differences between the two options: Externally Guided Motion (EGM) and Robot Reference Interface (RRI).
1) Is it correct that RRI is the predecessor to EGM and that EGM should be preferred over RRI for all future applications - or does EGM not replace the functionality of RRI?
2) From what I can read, EGM is intended to be used for high rate encoder feedback combined with motion control. But is it possible to use the Externally Guided Motion (EGM) option to only stream position/joint values back, i.e. WITHOUT doing position guidance or path correction?
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  • nomad5t5
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    1/ Correct, however, RRI functionality is now bundled in with EGM.

    2/ Yes by utilizing the RRI streaming functionality.