Unable to add SafeMove Basic option to IRC5/IRB1600

CyrilMelichCyrilMelich Czech Republic
I am experiencing issues when trying to add SafeMove Basic option to virtual controller I have rebuilt from backup. The system consists of IRC5 and IRB1600 which should be supported accopring to the help file for SafeMove2. Yet I keep getting the error message which you can see in the enclosed pictures. SafeMove1 option can be added without issues to this system. Has someone herer any idea what could be causing this problem? 
Thank you


  • j_proulxj_proulx United States ✭✭
    If the backup is from real robot then your software license does not support SafeMove Basic. To make a virtual with SM Basic create an equivalent virtual from scratch adding the same options that are on the real robot plus SM Basic.
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