Arcweld powerpac, Merge paths

RobotdudeRobotdude Sweden

Is there any way to merge paths?

i tried to merge them in rapidcode, but that didnt apply with arcweld powerpack.

And "sync to station" didnt solve it either. I found out to late when i was programming that i could cut down the number of paths from 8 to 3.

Iknow it is possible to do it in rapid, but i want to be able to open the program and edit it in arcweld if neccesary.

i tested exporting paths to .xml and looking at the code but it was to overwhealming


  • RobotdudeRobotdude Sweden
    Okay somehow i solved it. I think it was becaus i merged them in rapid. becaus pth1, 2 & 3 contained all paths and all i had to do was to delete the others :) so this is solved
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