Synchronizing RAPID to Station - losing targets


I have imported a RAPID file that I created with RoboDK and now am trying to synchronize it to my station. I examined the paths and targets in the RAPID path editor, and it looks the way I expect it to. The RAPID code is basically a sequence of linear moves, and each target is shown in the graphical representation with paths between them. However, when I synchronize to station, many of the targets disappear. I've included an image showing the two paths. 

In the RobotStudio manual, I saw there is a MinDist approximation parameter, which was mentioned in the context of creating a path from edges or curves. The manual says that if points are closer than the specified minimum distance, some of the points are filtered out. Is there a similar parameter that applies to synchronizing from RAPID to the station? If so, how can I edit that? If not, do you know what else might be happening? 



  • EricHEricH Germany
    Can you post the Rapid code? Maybe you have "unclean" move instructions.
  • DenisFRDenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    What does warning "Failed to synchronize path MOD_PSAX_ROBOTCHECK" say?
  • jccjcc NYC
    Rapid code is attached. The error message is:

    Controller1: Failed to synchronize path MOD_P5AX_ROBOTCHECK/Main in T_ROB1.

    Data value AFD1100STC1515PARALLEL tooldata changedData value ObjectReference wobjdata changed
  • EricHEricH Germany
    I see. All move instructions are "unclean", the targets need to be in a variable. I don't know RoboDK, maybe you have an option for saving targets in variables.


    MODULE MOD_P5AX_ROBOTCHECK<br><br>    ! Targets in variables here<br><br>   &nbsp;PERS jointtarget Target_10:=[[-12.384942,51.756647,-2.272365,113.414946,9.512864,-122.531619],[9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]];<br>    PERS robtarget Target_20:=[[-457.200,-360.861,119.561],[0.27059805,-0.65328148,-0.65328148,-0.27059805],[-1,1,-2,0],[9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]];<br>    .<br>    .<br>    .<br><br>    ! -------------------------------<br>    ! Define customized variables here<br>    ! ...<br><br>	! Tool variables: <br>	PERS tooldata AFD1100STC1515PARALLEL := [TRUE,[[335.000,0.000,205.000],[0.70710678,0.00000000,0.70710678,0.00000001]],[1,[0,0,20],[1,0,0,0],0,0,0.005]];<br><br>	! Reference variables:<br>	PERS wobjdata ObjectReference := [FALSE, TRUE, "", [[1700.000,0.000,0.000],[0.70710678,0.00000000,0.00000000,0.70710678]],[[0,0,0],[1,0,0,0]]];<br><br>	PROC Main()<br>		ConfJ \On;<br>		ConfL \Off;<br>		! Program generated by RoboDK v3.8.4 for ABB IRB 6700-235/2.65 on 18/07/2019 12:34:19<br>		! Using nominal kinematics.<br>		! Show AFD1100 STC1515 PARALLEL<br>		! #3 60 DEG CENTERDRILL<br>		! SetRPM(90750);<br>		! Stock Size X63. Y27. Z4.<br>		MoveAbsJ Target_10,v1000,z1,AFD1100STC1515PARALLEL \WObj:=ObjectReference;<br>		MoveL Target_20,v1000,z1,AFD1100STC1515PARALLEL \WObj:=ObjectReference;<br>		WaitTime 0.231;<br>                .<br>                .<br>                .<br>

  • jccjcc NYC
    Thank you! That fixed it. 
  • Johannes WeimanJohannes Weiman ABB Sweden admin
    edited August 2019
    Actually inline targets work just fine. It is the inline speed definitions that cause problems in this case.
    Replace them with variables and you're good, see attached file.

    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics
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