ABB 3HAC17396-1 DSQC562 Robot Serial Measurement Unit with Battery S4 IRC5

bjndaba15bjndaba15 South africa
A very good Afternoon,  My ABB robot irc5  which works with  incognex Camera ( version 4.8.4) to identify a blank, in a Stamping line, is currently giving me hiccups. We run something like 15 different progams. Every time i change a program, I constantly have to teach, each and every job over and over again, Its or let me say I keep on losing Memory, Restoring a recent backup does not help. I have tried changing the battery , i have tried changing the Memory card, this also does not help, i am recently thinking of changing of the Serial Measuring Board , and i am running out of ideas. Can you please assist me with some tips on this regard.


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