Simulate Safemove Stop Configurations

JonKamstraJonKamstra Hamilton Ontario
Is there a way to simulate or disable Visual SafeMove stop configurations for simulation in RobotStudio? I have stop configurations for General Stop and Auto Stop but since there is no PLC connected to the simulation the robot is in General and Auto Stop and can't run.

In RAPID we use the IF RobOS()=FALSE THEN instruction to operate differently depending of whether we are simulating the robot in Robotstudio or running the real robot. Doesn't look like there is an available option for this.

Any help is appreciate!

Thanks, Jon


  • DavidLanhamDavidLanham United States ✭✭
    edited June 11
    You can go into the I/O System and under category pick Safety and then double click on whatever signal you are missing to enable it.  Like for instance if you were Auto Stopped you can double click on AS1 and AS2 to make those signals be on this would allow you to run.  The signals must be on to run not off.  You will find GS1 and GS2 in the list as well.  I know this does not answer you question of doing it from RAPID but it will allow you simulation to run since you don't have a PLC connected.

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