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jumping into a procedure call before a MoveL is completed

Good day all, sorry for a possible stupid question. Since today I have had this problem and do not now what has changed? I have tried many things and cannot figure out what I messed up so a little guidance would be appreciated a lot!

so when running this program it is supposed to complete the second MoveL to get to a position and the nun the LaserStart procedure. this was WORKING perfect for months now. 

but today my operator called me to come look at a problem and what I have noticed is that it jumps into procedures before moves are completed. so LaserStart and Stop will execute even  before the MoveL's are completed like they used to.

I tried to make a new program as a test and did the same. so obviously some setting got messed up but I cannot find it, 

If I may ask for a little help with what I am doing wrong I would really appreciate it very much.

I thank you all

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  • Hi,
    I don't know what have happened here, but insert this line: 
    WaitRob \InPos;
    Insert it between your MovLe instruction and your LaserStart call
    That will let the robot wait until it reached the end of MoveL before it continues. 
  • Or if you want to try TriggLDO instruction. Trigger a signal at the point then add "IF signal=HIGH LaserStart; Reset signal". This will  give better control over the Routine when calling that Routine at that specific point or after that point.
  • Hi there.

    thanks will try that shortly. I appreciate the help a lot.

    will give feedback once tried when I get to work.

    thanks again
  • It does not seem to have WaitRob available to me? Sorry for the dumb questions he he
  • Sorry was a bit hasty there. Found it under the MorionSetAdv
  • Works 100% thank you very much
  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    If you leave the z50 there, it will generate a corner path failure.  Those do not stop the robot or even show up as an alarm but they will fill up your motion event log, flushing out other, perhaps more important, errors that you might want to see.  However, you can turn that off in the system parameters, in the motion planner, I think.
    Lee Justice