SafeMove2 robot speed control

Hi, I get acquainted with the option SafeMove Pro and I want to create similar cell (

I have a laser scanner, which can trigger 2 signals, depending on the zone.
If operator enters the cell (zone 1), robot must slow down to minimum speed. If operator gets too close to robot (zone 2), motion should be stop.

1) I can't get how to slow down the robot with SafeMove functionality when it hits zone 1.
I can only choose between 0 stop category, 1 stop category and no stop at violation action, but I can't control robot speed. I don't want to reduce motion speed by VelSet command.

2) I want to activate zones only when scanner signal triggers, so I create global signal at I/O configurator and choose activation by this signal at <Tool Speed Supervision> properties. But the zone remained active even at a low signal (see screenshot). How to do it right?
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  • egor
    egor Moscow
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    1) I think the system input <Limit Speed>, connected to scanner signal is what I need. I can use the <LimitSpeed> system output as input to SafeMove to perform a change of the supervision limits.