I/O problems

Hi everyone, 

I've been having problems with my I/O, I have IRC5 for an IRB4400, it is connected with a DSQC328a and with a external PLC. By the first time I defined the inputs and outputs it worked correcltly but yesterday it began to not work correctly. I have connected 8 outputs and only 6 inputs.

I started having problems with the inputs, the plc sends 3 signals to the robot:
DIPLCOK--> safety routine completed -->Start at Main
DICOFF-->Light curtain detects presence-->Motors OFF
DICON-->Light curtain free-->Motors ON

And the dsqc328 does detect the DIPLCOK and start the program, but with the other two inputs it does not recognize it, the leds from the from dsqc turn on but in the flex, when I check the I/O signals, it won't change from 0 to 1 and it won't do the task assigned. And all the other inputs and outputs work correctly.

Any idea what could possibly cause this

Thank you.


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