Cognex on Virtual Controller

Liberona Santiago, Chile
Hi everyone,

Actually in my workplace, I have:

1.- An energized Cognex Camera model ism1020
2.- A laptop with RobotStudio 6.02.01 with a virtual controller.

My laptop has installed:

1.- In-Sight Explorer 4.7.3 software
2.- CognexDrivers.5.2.PR1-64bit

My virtual controller is built for a IRB1200 robot, with this options:

1.- [616-1] PC Interface
2.- [617-1] Flex Pendant Interface
3.- 1341-1/1520-1 Integrated Vision Interface

My issue is: Can I connect my Cognex camera via Ethernet, with my virtual controller? Actually all I can do, is - in RobotStudio Vision tab - to try to add a sensor, and RobotStudio succesfully recognizes my Cognex camera 

and after clicking "Aplicar" (Apply) it shows me a login window. I enter user = admin and password = [blank] and later it shows a window saying that "My network setting are correctly modified"

This is the only option I have, in order to try to connect the camera, as the following image 3 shows:

After doing this, I don't have any option and my camera is not available.

Can I connect my camera this way? The IRC5 controller is actually in another place... a this moment I want to make the offline programming, only with the Cognex camera connected, but so far I couldn't.

Is there any option to programming offline with a real Cognex camera, connected to my virtual controller on my laptop? It would be great so I don't have to stay next to the real IRC5 controller.

Another option would be to use In-Sight Explorer 4.7.3 (with in-sight I can succesfully connect with my Cognex) and connect the x,y parameters via OPC server. Do you have any advice or experiencie doing this?

Thank you very much for your help.


Pablo Liberona


  • Buddy_K
    Buddy_K Michigan
    I had the same problem as you. I went to the help menu under RobotStudio and had to follow the instructions. 

    Help-> Additional Resources->Integrated Vision->Configuring Integrated Vision->Setting up the camera-> Additional camera configuration, then scroll down to Connecting to a camera on a virtual controller.

    Now you just copy the code I past below, save it as a .xml inside of notepad. Then copy and past it inside of the virtual controller home folder. I hope that this helps. 

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>


    <PORT name="LAN">




    <PORT name="SERVICE">





  • Buddy_K
    Buddy_K Michigan
    Also make sure that your static IP is the same as your service port
  • PetrB
    PetrB Czech
    Where I can find this Integrated vision manual? I have no additional resources in my RS
  • Hello PetrB,

    Please find attached the Integrated Vision Manuals, one is for IRC5 and the other for OmniCore.

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards,

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • PetrB
    PetrB Czech
    Thanks, it looks like that information about copying of vc_network_definition.xml in HOME dic, was lost in translation, as it's not mentioned in your manual.