Error 34257 Bleeder resistor Open Circuit

Tdwp82 Spartanburg SC

Hi guys,

After a Motion supervision in our trimming press I get the error 34257 whenever I try to turn Motors on.either with pendant or cabinet. Sometimes when trying to get Motors on it trips the breaker in the bottom left of the cabinet "F1". I have measured the resistance of the bleeder and it measures good at 13.5 Ohms. Also the plug and cables seem intact. Now for the weird part. If I manually flip the breaker off, then hit Motors on first then flip breaker slowly as soon as I hit Motors on it works and I do not get the 34257 error. Any suggestions on what may be the issue??? Or tips to troubleshoot. I have already swapped the "F1" breaker with another cabinet and same issue exist. The machine is running, but everytime motors go off after a machine issue it must be reset with the breaker trick and that isnt optimal for normal production.

It is an IRB4600 Robot running Robotware 5.61.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.