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background task to change TCP orientation and external axis during MoveL

Hi , 
we use  an IRC5 to lay tape using a tool and an external axis that rotates while the robot does its linear move. 
That works fine since untill now, the tcp's orientention , speed and external speeed should be constant during the MoveL.

However now, we need to change the speed and orientation of TCP and external axis during the moveL , would it be possible ? 

I was think  maybe a background task that constantly calculates some output's based on the TCP position which will then be used as the inputs of the moveL in my main Task updating that way the speeds and orientation on the fly ?

what do you thinK?


  • Hi, 

    There is a series of functions for applying corrections to paths during movement exactly as you describe. 
    The correction generator uses the "corrdescr" datatype. There are lots of functions but if you open the "RAPID instructions, Functions & Data Types" help through RobotStudio and search for the "CorrCon" function, it is a great starting point with useful example code and links to the other relevant RAPID instructions. 
    I hope this helps, regards,

  • Thanks Harry, 
    I will start looking properly into it in a couple of weeks and my initial thoughts where to somewhat update the speed of the  external axis of my defined "speeddata" on the fly .. 

    But , since I'm not sure how that can be achievable I will startby looking into the instructions you mentioned .