Easy changing of robtarget, when switching tools (TCP)

EricH Germany

I am using a lot different TCPs. Because Orientation is easier with a certain TCP.

Everytime I want to modify a position with a different tool I have to change to the tool used in the movement instruction first and then I can modify. It would be faster if a message pops up and ask you, if you want to save the position in the TCP frame of that movement instruction.

Also later at the real robot, I think, this is complicated, when teaching with FlexPendant. Changing the tool every 5 or 10 movements is just tedious and slows me down. But it should not be like that. There should be also this pop up that asks you if you want to save the postion in the frame of the movement instruction.

It would be really great if something like this would be implemented. It would save a lot of time.


  • EricH
    EricH Germany
    edited February 8
    Also a more easier change of movement instructions would be great.

    For Example: Changing the Tool will ask you if you want the position to recalculate to that new tool (keep staying in same robot pose, but using a different tool and/or workobject).