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MoveAbsJ variant with Trigg functionality

I'm currently looking to call functions at the exact start and end of each motion in a program, that right now consists of MoveL, MoveJ and MoveAbsJ commands.
For MoveL and MoveJ, I noticed that there are variants of these commands called TriggL and TriggJ, which would allow me to setup these kind of triggers depending on the robot's path position using TriggInt as well as a TRAP function.

However, I found no such equivalent for the MoveAbsJ function.
Is there any way use these path-triggers with absolute joint motions?

I'm aware that I could just use TriggJ instead, but I'd like to continue specifying my target in joint angles in some situations not as a robtarget.

Thanks a lot in advance!


  • Hi Florian, 

    It looks like you would have to use the function CalcRobT to convert a jointtarget to a robtarget and use TriggJ. You can always nest the CalcRobT instruction inside the TriggJ function to keep it to one line:

    TriggJ CalcRobT(jt_YourJointTarget, tld_YourToolData, \Wobj:= wod_YourWorkObject), vmax, . . . .;

    A more complicated method could involve using the world zones option to create a world zone with limits either side of the specified JointTarget angles so that once all joints were within the limits a digital output could trigger that was just linked to an interrupt, but that's a lot of extra work for a very similar result.

    Good Luck, 


  • Hey Harry,

    thanks for the suggestion! The CalcRobT approach actually ended up being the one we took.