Floating license and AWPP

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I have the floating license capability using RS5.08 as well as AWPP 5.08 license.  When I check out RS, AWPP does not load on startup.  It is set for autoload.  I can see the Process tab on the menu, but cannot load it from there either.  Within the process menu, only the two options: Arcweld help and about Arcweld are selectable, the Arcweld option is not (greyed out).

From the licensing manager, it shows that all appropriate functions are licensed for the check out time requested, i.e. RS 5.08, AW 5.08 etc.

Any idea as to what may be the problem?




  • Anders SAnders S Sweden mod


    Have you a Virtual Controller running in your station?

    AWPP will be greyed out until you have a robot connected to a Virtual Controller (system) in your station.

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
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