\Conc option on MoveL causes an error

kazookazoo San Francisco
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I tried to use \Conc option on MoveL but the program stopped suddenly after running MoveL 5 times even though I used each MoveL separately (I programmed that the robot should stop for a while [1sec] after each movement). In the manual, it says "Using the argument \Conc, the number of movement instructions in succession is limited to 5.", so I tried not to send consecutive command by waiting for each instruction's completion. Does anyone know why this \Conc option didn’t work?


  • labulabu France ✭✭

    I am not sure of what you are trying to acheive but the \Conc switch is used to force rapid code to move forward without waiting at all for the robot.
    If you have 5 Moves with let's say 5 WaitTime 1sec, You will execute all the waitimes one after the other without any relation to robot motion. At the end, if your moves are taking longer than 5 sec, the motion queue will hold more than 5 moves with \ conc and you will get the error.

  • kazookazoo San Francisco
    Hi, thank you for replying. I'd eventually like to send the continuous instruction in a very short length of time, in order to make a real-time control by using a mouse or a vive controller. I assume I might send too much command, but it's kind of difficult to send a new instruction every 10-20msec without exceeding 5 instructions. Do you have any good ideas to realize this?
  • labulabu France ✭✭


    The issue is that you are trying to use move instructions to create a joistick like application. What you are looking for is more direct access to robot movements.

    You are looking for a Move driven by a vector and not by a target reached which is the case of all move instructions.

    You should probably use EGM option

    Videos of EGM based applications or tests.

  • kazookazoo San Francisco
    Thank you for replying. Actually, I succeeded to use EGM Pose mode for usual IRB robots and it really worked well. However, YuMi doesn't have a capability to use EGM Pose mode, that's why I still need to use ordinal Move instruction to realize the same thing.
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