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MoveL blocking and way to run MoveL asynchronously

Hi, I'm building software on the remote PC that sends instructions (such as MoveL) to the controller. I'm running open_abb’s server code written in RAPID ( on the controller which connects to the remote PC via socket. Every time the robot finishes MoveL command, it sends acknowledgment back to the remote PC. 

I’d like to run another program (such as a camera stream) in the same program loop, however, the problem is MoveL blocks the loop that’s why I can’t see a camera stream during the MoveL. If MoveL takes a long time, I can't see the image for a long time.

My questions are:

- Are there any ways to avoid this MoveL blocking? 

- Are there any ways to run MoveL in several threads (asynchronous way to run MoveL)?

Thank you in advance.