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S4C+ Profibus DP slave setup


What do you do to set up a DSQC 352? I want to control the robot with a PLC (Siemens S7-1200 with Profibus DP master module). What exactly do I need to do? Can't find it on manual or google. I've connected them with the cable.

Thank you


  • Hey!

    I think this is all you have to do in the eio.cfg file.
    You also need to set the device net address correct and also set the correct input/output size in the plc.

    You can read about that in thi link:


          -Name "Profibus" -Type "d352" -Bus "BASE" -Digin 129 -Digout 128\
          -PollRate 100 -Param "Profibus_VAL"
    Profibus_VAL = EIO_PARAM_VALUE:

          -Name "MasterInputSize" -Value "8"

          -Name "MasterOutputSize" -Value "8"

          -Name "StationAddress" -Value "4"
  • Thanks Joar! I got it working. Now I have 128 extra I/O to the PLC:)
  • Hello Jeffdu,

    I have the same configuration:
    - ABB S4C+ controller
    - ABB DSQC352 Profinet
    - Siemens C1214C DC/DC/DC
    - Siemens CM 1243-5 Profibus card

    The ABB is configured as adress 3, and the PLC is configured as adress 2
    But the PLC keeps reporting to have no connection with the ABB controller.

    Could you show how you configured the Siemens PLC for the profibus connection?

    Best regards,
  • robotmey
    edited February 2022
    does it require to set DSQC352  same address in both place ?
     In EIO.CFG and jumper pins(X5)?