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Send Robot Faults to PLC

I am using a IRC5 to run a IRB2600. I am interfacing with the IRC5 to my Omron PLC via EIP option 841-1. What are my options with regards to transferring the faults from the IRC5 over to my PLC via EIP? I thought I could compare ERRNO to all the possible errors and write a different numerical value and transfer it back across EIP. Please look at the attached code I can't seem to get the numerical value written back to my PLC.


  • bkn
    Is it as simple as just using the SetAO command instead of using := ?
  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    The ERR_XXXXX are constants that are already numbers so you should be able to just "SetGO goErrorNumberToPLC, ERRNO;"  Run "TPWrite NumToStr(ERR_ACC_TOO_LOW,0);" to see it print the ERR_ACC_TOO_LOW as 1066. A list of the numbers associated with each error should be available in a manual, online, or maybe via 1-800-HELP-365 so you can interpret the number on the PLC side.

    Also, check this out:  -- it looks similar to what you seem to be trying to accomplish.