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Device net master slave configuration

Hello all,

   I am new to devicenet master slave configuration. PLC is my master and Robot is my slave ( irc5 compact controller ). can anyone share how to configure BUS,UNIT and signal in robot ?? Options installed in robot as follows, 709-1 Master slave / Single , 748 - Devicenet lean. Please reply ASAP.
thanks in advance!!!


  • Hi,

    The following is the example how we define in the EIO.Config files:


    -Name "DeviceNet1" -BusType "DNET" -ConnectorID "PCI1"\

    -ConnectorLabel "First DeviceNet"


    -Name "d352A" -BusType "DNET" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\

    -ProductName "PBUS Adapter" -DN_VendorId 75 -DN_ProductCode 8\

    -DN_DeviceType 7 -DN_MajorRev 1 -DN_ExplicitMsgEnabled -DN_C1Type "COS"\

    -DN_C1OutputSize 8 -DN_C1InputSize 8


    -Name "Profibus_Gateway" -UnitType "d352A" -Bus "DeviceNet1"\

    -DN_Address 10


    -Name "c1Position" -SignalType "AI" -Unit "Qtrack1" -UnitMap "0-31"\

    -MaxLog 21474.8 -MaxPhys 1 -MaxPhysLimit 1 -MaxBitVal 2147483647\

    -MinLog -21474.8 -MinPhys -1 -MinPhysLimit -1 -MinBitVal -2147483647

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    thanks for the reply. But it's not communicating. :( 
  • The compact controller will have the DeviceNet master already setup probably address 2 - this becomes the slave address also.

    You need to add a slave device type (from the drop down box if using RobotStudio to configure the I/O) and set the input and output word size to match the PLC (max 64, default is 8).

    Restart the controller for the changes to take effect.

    Then the depending on the PLC type it will be able to scan the network and find the controller slave unit - or you may need to load an EDS file which is in the RobotWare download.

    The exact procedure depends on the RobotWare version you are using -  RW6 or RW5.

    If you are still having trouble post the version and I can attach the relevant pages from the manual.

  • suganthyadav
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    Thx Graemepaulin. I believe IRC5 compact controller only have Device net lean.. correct me if i am wrong. PFA for controller info. I want to configure robot as slave.
  • graemepaulin
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    Please attach your existing EIO config file. Did you add the Master/slave to be able communicate with the PLC or was it factory fitted? Is it in the first PCI slot?
  • HI Graemepaulin,
     Hope you doing good. We tried and got struck at some point. For testing purpose we have tried communication with ABB plc  and ABB robot, Wago PLC and ABB robot, It's working fine. Data's are communicating properly. We are using ADFweb converter in our project to convert devicenet data into modbus data. Converter is communicating with ABB robot but i am not able to share data's (i.e., I/O's ) between controller and converter. I am using DN internal slave as unit type. Am i missing something?? I believe for device-net slave there is no need to update eds file. correct me if i am wrong. If i am missing something to configure please let me know. communication architecture as follows, PFA for system backup. Converter is working fine with other device-net slaves.

    PLC ------ ADFweb convertor ( Device net master ) ------- ABB robot ( device-net slave )

  • In the EIO_UNIT try changing the UnitType from DN_INTERNAL_SLAVE to DN_SLAVE.

    Also does the DN_C1OutputSize  and DN_C1InputSize match your PLC/web convertor?

  • suganthyadav
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    Given input size as 8 and output size as 8 in converter,, same is assigned in robot.
  • Changed from DN_INTERNAL_SLAVE to DN_SLAVE.. An another failure.... :(
  • graemepaulin
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    The problem is most likely with the Master as the ABB controller configuration looks correct.

    Normally you need to load the EDS file into the master so it is configured correctly for that slave unit (or you can use the information in the EDS to manually create the unit).

    Some masters can scan the network and pick up the information from the slave units directly.

    Would double check the setup in the master for the ABB controller is correct to the EDS information.

  • Hey thanks for the support. I had a long conversation with the supplier yesterday and came to know that ADFweb master automatically read their slaves and no need to upload the EDS. And also there is no option to upload the EDS data's in their configuration software.. Other than DN_INTERNAL_SLAVE , DN_slave is there any other option to configure robot as slave??
                                              Thanks in advance.. 
  • You can create your own units but I can not see anything wrong with the ABB configuration, and it works with other Devices.
  • Well it's looks strange :( .. Because converter is communicating with other Devices.. seems i need some magic
    :wink:   ... Thanks a lotttttttttttttttttttttttt for your support. If anything strikes in your mind please let me know...
  • One thing that just came to mind is the order the devices power up - have you tried letting one unit power up first then the other (try both ways)?
  • Converter - ON first / Robot - ON second , Robot ON - first / Converter - second , Both powering ON at the same time.... Still same response.... :neutral: