Is Velocity Control possible with RAPID or any ABB controller...

BrianHoll Australian
Hi there, 

First time here and a newbie to RobotStudio. 

I am looking to use an ABB robot for a PhD project and to do so I am looking to implement a velocity controller within the simulation. (looking to try and get the a robot to mimic a throwing action).

First glance at RAPID it seems as though position control (X,Y,Z,ect.) is only available through implementation...

I am wondering if RAPID at all allows for a velocity control (Vx,Vy,Vz,ect.) commands to be sent at all? 

Looking through the forum before posting this, I have come across two simillar questions users have had;

Both with no replies... 

I am wondering if it would be possible at all to gain some clarity on this aspect at all, surely there is someone in this community who might have some experience in this :) 

Thanks again,