Flex pendant not working properly in Robotstudio

veritasveritas Mullsjö, Sweden
I am working on a project for school,  but can not get the FP to work. In the previous project it was working just fine, but that one was created from a system backup from an actual controller. This one is virtual so I assume I am missing something in setting up my station. I would be grateful if someone could help me getting it too work properly


  • Try making a backup and then reset (I-start) your virtual controller. Then restore the backup.
    Henrik Berlin
  • AlexKAlexK Sweden ✭✭
    Bumping this as I have the same problem but in 6.08, I have done what you suggested Henrik but nothing changed. I have uninstalled all versions of Robotstudio and I've installed them again. Still not working.


    If i change movement through the button in the flexpendant i get an error


    Full error message is in the attached txt file.

    I can open an old robot and station but whenever i create a system and use that I get this problem.
    Best regards
    Alexander Källberg
  • ShawndietrichShawndietrich Cambridge
    Any update on this issue?  I'm having the same problem and it's a new install. 

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