Does someone help me with the code?

Christopher_PpChristopher_Pp Santiago, Chile
Eventually, once I enter CASE 0, I wait for 3 conditions to be met, otherwise, after 5 seconds, the error manager of the "MaxTime" instruction starts. But to include "TimeFlag" (line 15 and 25), to differentiate (what I want to write as TPWrite, lines 36 and 40) the CASE 0 of CASE 1, the cursor passes by the "SearchPallet" procedure in the first one "defValue" in the second case, not respecting that the "WaitUntil" condition is fulfilled when retrying with "RETRY".

Something I'm doing wrong? I appreciate your comments ...

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  • Christopher_PpChristopher_Pp Santiago, Chile
    Any idea of how to differentiate the text from "TPWrite" using the same error handler without actually putting the variable manually before "WaitUntil" and thus using IF conditions, or maybe 2 error handlers are possible? "
  • soupsoup USA ✭✭✭
    Yep - "nRecipe=0" instead of the "flagSearch" bool...
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